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Tapered bearing install_MF

So SOHC Honda stock stem bearings are the floater type. And it was time to upgrade.

Today I installed an AllBallz stem bearing kit from - www.dimecitycycles.com -

Went very smooth after watching a YouTube video on how to do it.
- http://youtu.be/3H-G111JXbU -

-I heated the upper and lower races and then pounded them out, tapping on all four sides sequentially so they don't lock up.

-Then put the new races in the freezer which made them much easier to install by taping again sequentially on them with the provided washer into the stem seat.

-After that I pounded off the stem race with a flat head while in a vice...nothing technical there.

-The kit is universal for CB's and CL's. so it comes with extra washers and seals. The taller seal and thinner washer work for the CB750s.

-After placing them on the stem I heated up the bearing, after packing with grease, and used a pipe and the extra washer supplied, to pound the bearing evenly on the stem.

Effing done.