"When you’re riding the greatest torque to weight ratio on the planet, you must blast beyond lethargic unassuming cageriders every few minutes to release pent up machine/man stress-inducing anxiety. There exists uncontrolled relish and glee in this exercise."
-The Motograph – A Confederate Motor Company


Springtime startup

Got the CB out for the spring and started it up


Buy this shirt!

little change of pace in studio, we had to design a tshirt


Visteon Interiors Project

The latest iteration of our interior project...after critique decided to go in a slightly different direction from this theme. Its getting a little Cadillac(ish)


Vier Racer!

Here is my Vier concept makin laps


Visteon Interiors Project

For the most part the Driver IP (blue) is solidified, were working on the cluster options right now


Visteon Interiors Project

Currently working on an interior project with "Banana's Blog" aka Taylor Maniulow, this is one of the first iterations of our theme.

Were playing with Illumination of surfaces that the passengers interact with.


BMW in the works...

working on a BMW project


Vier - 1/4 scale model progress

Sanding and priming the 1/4 scale model of the Vier. All the parts were grown in a 3D Printer

Front fork hub/motor assembly

Various parts including the frame and rear swing arm.

Rear swingarm with one of the wheels

Mock up with frame, wheels and seatpost

Full mock-up starting to come togeather! This is when all the handwork pays off...when it starts to come to life

Front 3/4

Lawrence Tech @ the Detroit International Autoshow

Got some really good exposure for all the Jr's at the Detroit International Auto show this year with our projects. Here is an article from the Oakland Press.



The Wounded Artist Project

I had a cool opportunity to work with TheWoundedArtistProject.org presenting my Jeep UrbanWarmachine concept to promote opportunities in design for badly wounded soldiers.

check out the videos...


76 CB750 build - update

First iterations of fairings designs for the CB750
- fabricated a foam buck to mold the fairings from

cycle sketching


Sophmore project-Vier Sport Touring Concept

My First chance to design a motorcycle from sketch to 3D, I chose to design for the sport touring bike category. The Vier bridges the gap in a number of ways for riders of both sport and touring bikes.
Early Alias modeling

I enjoy sketching over Alias data...helps speed of the design process.


sweet new necklace

BMW barn find

stumbled apon a beautiful WWII era BMW in a barn during my recent trip to Germany