"When you’re riding the greatest torque to weight ratio on the planet, you must blast beyond lethargic unassuming cageriders every few minutes to release pent up machine/man stress-inducing anxiety. There exists uncontrolled relish and glee in this exercise."
-The Motograph – A Confederate Motor Company


First ride_MF

Wow...what an amazing first ride.
I button up the loose bolts and do some done tuning. Then I fill her with gas and proceed down the war torn streets of Detroit. After a few accelerations and brake tests, I decide to stop at an intersection near the sidewalk.

As I look to my left I see 6 cafe/bobber/choppers from Japan and America come racing around the corner and stop at that intersection.

After a few exchanges of "I don't have a working taillight or license plate" and then asking where they are going, and they reply with a scream over exhaust of "Packard plant for a BBQ" I say screw it and decide to follow.

As we rip down the streets, I'm thinking man I should slow down as this is my first test ride, but the sounds of multiple loud exhausts and feeling like I already belong I continue.

Before I know it we are inside the Packard manufacturing plant dodging cement and other fallen debris of a once booming manufacturing plant to find ourselves 5 stories up over looking the wild untamed city of Detroit.

An adventure to say the least...made some new friends and found a direction to search in for a bike name...


Shift linkage-CHEEEYECK_MF

Linkage is ran! Just need some nuts and lock washers.

I welded the 90 joints to the solid stock after measuring to length (whatever was a comfortable angle to shift with). The barstock was too small in diameter to thread into 90 joints, but I wanted it to be same diameter on both sides.

Dirty ol' bench_MF

After days of throwin parts on the bench and ignoring cleaning it to maximize time and further progress on the bike, the time has arrived to clean it.

This is some of what it takes to build a bike.


American vs. Japan-one more time

Well I made a Harley Davidson master cylinder match a Honda brake caliper. Was actually very easy. Just some chopping and modifying.

First I cut some HD swap meet single caliper brake line. Then I cut off my old valve from the existing line. Then I put the valve on the line THEN used the line flange tool to make the proper flange.

Then bleed and brake!


Tarozzi rearsets_MF

I ponied up and purchased extremely nice rear sets, when I saw a good deal on them. I now have brake hooked up, just need to finish shift side.

America vs. Japan-again_MF

So I love Harley Davidson hand controls for their design and ergonomics. But to put them onto a Honda clutch, I had to do alot of modifying.

First I had to tap the Harley clutch perch to accept the Honda cable tightening nut. (it has a name...I think) then had to make a special cable end spacer to fit inside the handle as they pull the cable In completely different ways.

And it works! Successful intercontinental relationship.

Buttons and switches_MF

I wanted a light-up toggle switch and starter button, and wanted it all in a similar area like a mini control center. So I made a bracket that fits right between the tach and speedo so they seat clean and compact between the two.

Organizing electronics_MF

Nothing drives me more nuts than un-organized wiring...so for the second time I wired the bike but this time properly and as cleanly as I could.

Remounted the starter solenoid and regulator to make room for the wires.

Fabricating a seat pan_MF

This job was rather quick, make a pattern from cardboard, cut it out of metal and shape. Pictures tell the tale...

Welding on tail and rear-sets_MF

So I have been workin hard and not posting build pics. Here are some updates.

To finish of my tail section, I took a saw to another frame to get the arch off the back and welded it into myn for a finished look. I then proceeded to cut off the old brackets as put new ones on to mount the tail light (Later pics)

I also welded on the rear set brackets that I overbuild to the max.