"When you’re riding the greatest torque to weight ratio on the planet, you must blast beyond lethargic unassuming cageriders every few minutes to release pent up machine/man stress-inducing anxiety. There exists uncontrolled relish and glee in this exercise."
-The Motograph – A Confederate Motor Company


New Shop_MF

The Moto itch has spread and now we have 4 bikes in the shop, CB550, my CB750, a Yamaha 360 and a Honda 350....

Here are some randoms from the removal of an awful spider web paint job, to the rewiring of my CB.


Off of the bench_MF

Man I can't believe 3 months has gone by since my last post...a lot of news to share...

For starters, she's off the bench!


Tail fairing fabrication_MF

Clay model, paper template, transfer to metal...just like work


New bike rack for my truck_MF

Here is my dad and I's fathers day project



Sometimes you just gotta step back_MF

These last two weeks building have been frustrating, I've became so passionate about getting this done by the designer carshow on July 20th that I was getting myself worked up about not getting thigs done for the deadline.

I took 3 days off, put some trust in people and went back at er.....

I got the tail section clay modeled, and tires in...bike won't sit this low but as low as possible.

The lines are starting to match up...the fire is burning again!


I don't have many heros but Sunday I met one of them, chatted and got to know a really inspiring person when it comes to design and philosophy. I met him and his amazing creations, the Confederate Wraith and the Hellcat at Eyes on Design show 2012.

His name is Matt Chambers of Confederate Motorcycles.



Parts are ready for paint_MF

Two weeks of polishing...to get here and this pic doesn't include the motor. The wheels and hubs are finished and ready to be laced today!


Back in November2011 I bought this 81' yami virago920 with 1800 miles for 1000 bucks...yes a good deal if you ask me...at first glance they don't yell hey make me coll! But venture on over to classifiedmoto.com or google zero cafe, and you will see some very cool viragos that have been morphed into the realms of coolness....

Monoshock rear suspension, single backbone frame...all stripped down, these terribly starting machines are way cool.

So once the cb is done and winter hits I'll rip into that one, until then...I gotta put some miles on it!

I took it up north and gave my mother as father rides, my mother said she hadn't been on a bike since she was 18 and riding with her Harley bf...haha what an image that is!


New tail_MF

My new tank rules and there is a centerline highlight on it that I want to capture on the tail, so I am beginning mocking I up in foam and then I will clay it. This will give me a template build a steel one from.

Will be shaving much more off I think. I want a skinner tail section.

New tank_MF

I shouldn't have waited so long to post because I have had way to much happen to post all at once!

I went to bearing burners swap meet at gm about a month ago and got me a new tank...it's just what I needed, as I war a more boxy look to my cafe.

Now I'm exploring with different tail fairings too match.


LTU_Transportation Design Industry Show 2012_MF

As a graduate of Ltu Trans...I had to go and support the home team this year. They all did great, and the level of work was as good and better then CCS, and Art Center.

It was also nice going there as a professional this time instead of a student! Good job guys


Virago first ride_MF

Well the virago has been giving me alot of capital S. spitting and sputtering at low rpm...but I rose it anyways 70 miles up the coast of the Detroit river...was fun but windy!

Also stopped at the Edsel Ford house...history lesson spared...it's kind of a big deal


New logo and Tshirts to come_MF

New logo design for miss motofancy, and soon some groovy tshirts you can wear or use as an oil rag.

If you want one send me an email and ill get a few ordered

Even Obama loves motorcycles_MF

The president visited Ford today...rolling in his Cadillac with a fleet of gmc's....??

But look at all the bikes!