"When you’re riding the greatest torque to weight ratio on the planet, you must blast beyond lethargic unassuming cageriders every few minutes to release pent up machine/man stress-inducing anxiety. There exists uncontrolled relish and glee in this exercise."
-The Motograph – A Confederate Motor Company


If it doesn't fit, cut more_MF

After hitting a motivation wall on Sunday...(most likely the giant burger I had for lunch) I watched a video on a Bugatti restoration by the Mullins museum -http://youtu.be/GCKlyeFqxcE

It motivated me to get my head back in it, so I spent the next two hours MAKING this panel fit. Removed alot of plastic, and it's nearly there.

What is awesome is how an originally Honda (81CB) side cover matches so well line for line, to a Kawasaki tank....makes me wonder which OEM copied which.

Also continued machining my adjustable rearsets.