"When you’re riding the greatest torque to weight ratio on the planet, you must blast beyond lethargic unassuming cageriders every few minutes to release pent up machine/man stress-inducing anxiety. There exists uncontrolled relish and glee in this exercise."
-The Motograph – A Confederate Motor Company


Jensen and spidy_MF

Jensen painted ol spidy AKA the XS360. Was winter and nothing else to do but drink beer in the garage, while inhaling paint fumes second hand. 

Then I worked some photoshop magicianry and am trying to convince him to keep modifying untill the entire summer is gone and he can no longer ride. I think he should have left the old paint job...   O___o

Kawasaki KZ400 extended swingarm

An easy mod for kz owners, I put on a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 swingarm on. The pivots are the same width, all you have to do is swap the pivot sleeves and pivot bolts. You can even reuse the dust seals. After cleaning off the old tabs I mounted the swingarm with the mono shock bracket facing down. 

The fun work comes when you have to make and mount shock brackets and relocate the brake arm, oh yea and chop off the exhaust- but that's not a bad thing cus now the bike sounds better! My fabricator Jordan Hicks had some Honda Forman atv shocks hanging on the wall so we used those. 


KZ400 front end lowering_MF

2.5" brass spacers from the Home Depot and chopped 2" out of the springs - pretty simple! But these forks have a trick to opening....

They have a circlip that is notched. Push the cap down and release the clip upwards towards the notch. And they pull right out. 


Who knows what the previous owner was thinking...but here is what I'm thinking...here are some shots before I put her on a diet_The Pickle_thanks Jordan for the wonderful nickname 


New project_MF

Sold the wagon...sad but it's time. So naturally I need another bike. Thinkn a KZ440 - here is my idea for it. Fully stock...just lower, longer and louder.


Prepping for paint_MF

Well I got some parts prepped for paint because I wasn't getting anywhere fabricating. And I sold the 110 and got me a 130 rear Avon Roadrider...make the rear a bit wiiider!


Two wheels in Amsterdam_MF

Some of the interesting bikes I saw while cruising the streets of Amsterdam


A little Grand Rapids Moto action_MF

Worked on Dave's scram-bled a bit...clutch is still sticking. Then tried to fix Alex's bike. Found out his carbs were sticking and draining fuel into the cylinders and filled the entire crankcase with gasoline...drained 3 quarts out. 

This is the crankcase breather puking gas as we crank the motor.

Finally a proper oil bag_MF

This homemade oil bag that was on the bike when I acquired it - I'm hoping it is the curse of the last two motors...so im finally prepping for a stock replacement


Well here is to a late Christmas card!
Santa had much more fun this year delivering presents!


New motor_MF

It's much cheaper to buy a doner bike/motor than rebuild one. All I hope is that the certified honda mechanic that ported and polished-valve adjusted-cam chain adjusted and painted this motor was thourough! But damn this is a clean motor! Gonna put a stock oil bag back on the bike too.

Ford Employee Car Show_MF

My goal for two years has been to get the bike to the employee show...funny thing is the motor overheated on te ludingtn ride and now knocks like a guest at the front door.

But I got it to the show regardless....


Grand Haven-ludington-Evart ride_MF

I'm combining two rides into one post. But combined I put 450 miles on the bike.

Has been a great trial of my first full bike build. I learned that the taillight looks awesome but is way to close to my tire. I've had to re-bend the mounting brackets twice because the tire keeps hitting it in bumps.

I also learned a V-rod headlight draws to much power, and I have a severe oil leak issue. I also learned it was a good time to drop my oil pan and check for debris...Other then that the bike is FAAAASSSTT!! And gets lots of attention. Was a blast riding with other old bikes, because we all learn from each others breakdowns :)


First ride_MF

Wow...what an amazing first ride.
I button up the loose bolts and do some done tuning. Then I fill her with gas and proceed down the war torn streets of Detroit. After a few accelerations and brake tests, I decide to stop at an intersection near the sidewalk.

As I look to my left I see 6 cafe/bobber/choppers from Japan and America come racing around the corner and stop at that intersection.

After a few exchanges of "I don't have a working taillight or license plate" and then asking where they are going, and they reply with a scream over exhaust of "Packard plant for a BBQ" I say screw it and decide to follow.

As we rip down the streets, I'm thinking man I should slow down as this is my first test ride, but the sounds of multiple loud exhausts and feeling like I already belong I continue.

Before I know it we are inside the Packard manufacturing plant dodging cement and other fallen debris of a once booming manufacturing plant to find ourselves 5 stories up over looking the wild untamed city of Detroit.

An adventure to say the least...made some new friends and found a direction to search in for a bike name...