"When you’re riding the greatest torque to weight ratio on the planet, you must blast beyond lethargic unassuming cageriders every few minutes to release pent up machine/man stress-inducing anxiety. There exists uncontrolled relish and glee in this exercise."
-The Motograph – A Confederate Motor Company


First ride_MF

Wow...what an amazing first ride.
I button up the loose bolts and do some done tuning. Then I fill her with gas and proceed down the war torn streets of Detroit. After a few accelerations and brake tests, I decide to stop at an intersection near the sidewalk.

As I look to my left I see 6 cafe/bobber/choppers from Japan and America come racing around the corner and stop at that intersection.

After a few exchanges of "I don't have a working taillight or license plate" and then asking where they are going, and they reply with a scream over exhaust of "Packard plant for a BBQ" I say screw it and decide to follow.

As we rip down the streets, I'm thinking man I should slow down as this is my first test ride, but the sounds of multiple loud exhausts and feeling like I already belong I continue.

Before I know it we are inside the Packard manufacturing plant dodging cement and other fallen debris of a once booming manufacturing plant to find ourselves 5 stories up over looking the wild untamed city of Detroit.

An adventure to say the least...made some new friends and found a direction to search in for a bike name...