"When you’re riding the greatest torque to weight ratio on the planet, you must blast beyond lethargic unassuming cageriders every few minutes to release pent up machine/man stress-inducing anxiety. There exists uncontrolled relish and glee in this exercise."
-The Motograph – A Confederate Motor Company


motorcycle wisdom_MF

"The Falcon online shop offers refined reality-based tactile time travel beginning with the primordial ooze of prehistoric vegetation liberated from eons of pressure to create the fuel of modern mechanization which flows past polished petcocks mixing with atmospheres accelerated through bellmouth velocity stacks to be introduced to the triad of combustion whose power is converted to reciprocating torque at the command of a boardtrack-bar-crouch streamlined human interface while heat dissipates through the elegant mass density of fluted bronze exhaust clamps. Side trips are available deep into the tortured soul of the Creator via vellum-hazed graphite paths marked with individually signed and numbered serigraphic signposts. No travel insurance is necessary; our timeless transporters proceed unfettered through culture's mercurial machinations without limitations or force majeure."

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